The miracle of the boys in love / The Miracle of the Madonna di Montevergine of 1256

The Miracle of the Madonna di Montevergine of 1256

The Miracle of the Madonna di Montevergine of 1256

"According to popular tradition in the year of the Lord 1256 after Christ on a winter's day the inhabitants of one of the villages near the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montevergine discovered the love between two boys.The summary justice prevailed and decreed death of the two boys for frostbite or torn by wild beasts of the mountain like wolves and bears.The boys were taken to the forest of Mount Partenio, stripped and tied to a tree and then be left to their fate now decided.The boys invoked the help and the protection of Mary Most Holy Mother of God. Our Lady had compassion for that tragic fate and for that horrible death and granted the miracle.A ray of sunlight melted the ice that piled the boys and the ropes with which they were tied. they returned to the village to tell of the prodigy and nothing was done to them ".

There are various versions of this miracle with the addition of details that have no reason to be for the story of the miracle but mostly serve to provoke the reader unnecessarily with frivolous details that can not be verified almost eight centuries later.

The importance of the event remains the love of these two boys among themselves and the sincere devotion and complete trust to the Mother of God.

Some may question the veracity of the story or allude to the fact that it is part of tradition and folklore, leaving out some important details in the history of the church.

The saints are acclaimed by popular acclaim. The success of a place of Marian apparition depends on how much it manages to take hold in popular sentiment. Just think of the phenomenon of Medjugorje compared to the apparitions of Lourdes. Why Fatima is known all over the world but the apparitions of Rome (to the Fratte) are not the same?

Or just think about how many millions of pilgrims go to Padua from Sant'Antonio every year without knowing that a few hundred meters in the Basilica of Santa Giustina are the relics of the body, without the head that is in Prague, San Luca Evangelist is far more important than Saint Anthony. San Luca was the first to portray the Mother of God in an icon. In order not to make mistakes and do not harm anyone if you are in Padua, go and venerate both of them! In Padua, there is also the tomb of San Leopoldo.

The fact that popular tradition recalls the miracle simply shows that the miracle really happened. Considering also the fact that the Roman Catholic Church (but also almost all others) is certainly not benevolent with gays and a few centuries later with the inquisition has certainly not been restrained by the burning of homosexuals with the support of civil power. Or accuse of homosexuality anyone who bothered him and make them confess under torture and then be executed in public places.

In light of all this information any person can safely understand that the miracle of the two boys of Montevergine is authentic.

It reminds us of the infinite greatness of the mercy of the Mother of God. Any person can pray at any time, in every place, venerate it, thank her. In this case it reminds us that you really help everyone. Anyone who entrusts himself to the Mother of God with trust and devotion will be heard.

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