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Why to light a candle when you pray?

Why to light a candle when you pray?

The candles are lit in church forever. During the celebrations on the altar the candles are lit. When the priest reads the gospel on each side of his, there is a burning candle. During the funeral, many faithful light candles. Candles are lit during the processions and special care is taken to ensure that they do not go out.

In front of sacred images there are always lit candles. It is important that the lighted candles are left to burn until they are switched off.
In some places the candles are not left to burn completely, it is good to know that however the good Lord has seen our candle lit and our intention. Lighting a candle should never be a mechanical gesture but a gesture felt in the depths of our hearts accompanied by a personal prayer with our intentions. The candle is the continuation of our prayer when we can not remain the desired time in the church.
The burning of the candle reminds us of the very purpose of every Christian's life to burn with love for Christ and be purified by him. The candle helps us to remember and purify the soul of a deceased dear to us.

The candle is also the symbol of the resurrection on the holy night of Easter when the priest with the Fire of Jerusalem begins to illuminate the church by intoning the Xristos Anesti.

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